JavaScript Weekend List #01

I’m trying something new. Every week I’ll try to come up with the list of most interesting articles, books, news, tutorials and videos about web development. I’ll be using this list to keep myself up-to-date on everything that’s going on in the JavaScript, Node and front-end development community. This list may not have the most recent articles, but rather relevant content to stay sharp as a full stack developer.

1. React Conf 2017 (must watch if you’re into react);=7HSd1sk07uU

React conf. 2017 happened in Santa Clara, CA. Awesome presentations. Topics covered everything from client side React.js to GraphQL to AWS lambda. And of course some announcements like Create React Native App.

2. Getting Started with Webpack 2 (by Drew Powers).

Getting Started with webpack 2 _webpack 2 will be out of beta* once the documentation has been finished. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start using…

Webpack 2 got officially released at the end of January of 2017. So now is the good time to sit down and dig into it. This is an excellent explanation of what webpack is and how to get started using it.

3. RESTful API design with Node.js (by Adnan Rahić)

RESTful API design with Node.js _It’s a remarkable beast of a tool, Node.js. If you’re a beginner, aspiring coder, or IT student, it may be hard to wrap…

Node.js can be great for many things including building RESTful APIs. This tutorial walks you through how to set up simple Express server with MongoDB to build RESTful API. Nice tutorial for front end developers who want to start building their own APIs.

4. JavaScript Start-up Performance (by Addy Osmani)

JavaScript Start-up Performance _As web developers, we know how easy it is to end up with web page bloat. But loading a webpage is much more than…

One of the most important things to keep in mind when building web apps is … performance! Addy does a great job explaining how V8 engine parses, compiles and optimizes JavaScript code. Make sure to read the full article — awesome tips on how to measure and optimize web application loading time.

5. How To Develop An Interactive Command Line Application Using Node.js (By Nihar Sawant)

How To Develop An Interactive Command Line Application Using Node.js - Smashing Magazine _Over the last five years, Node.js has helped to bring uniformity to software development. You can do anything in Node…

Ever wanted to build your own CLI? This extensive tutorial shows you how to build an interactive command line applications with the help of Node.js. It’s great for generators and other apps that require user inputs during the initial setup.

6. A Complete Guide to Grid (by Chris House)

A Complete Guide to Grid | CSS-Tricks _CSS Grid Layout is the most powerful layout system available in CSS. It is a 2-dimensional system, meaning it can…

The CSS Grid specification are now supported by Firefox and Chrome, and coming soon to the next version of Safari. Now is the time to understand how to build layouts with it. It completely changes how we can build CSS layouts (remember floats?). I’m still using css-tricks flexbox cheat sheet 😻.

7. Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual (book by John Sonmez)

Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual _Edit description_Amazon

I can’t recommend this book enough, in short — it’s about soft skills for developers by a developer. Practical advices on finances, mentorship, fitness, productivity, job hunting, starting a business and personal branding.

Hope you find some of it useful too. I’ll try to keep this list going every week. Please share in comments if you have anything interesting to add. If you want to improve your productivity — check out my latest blog Hacking productivity for software developers.