What web development language should I learn in 2017

Recently I saw this question on Quora: “I used to develop in PHP/MySQL about 4 years back. I understand that PHP is no longer a good choice. I would like to get back in developing dynamic websites/web apps again. What language/framework do you suggest I should learn which will also be useful in coming years? Thank you.” My answer is below: There are many languages you can use for web development. »

JavaScript Weekend List #01

I’m trying something new. Every week I’ll try to come up with the list of most interesting articles, books, news, tutorials and videos about web development. I’ll be using this list to keep myself up-to-date on everything that’s going on in the JavaScript, Node and front-end development community. This list may not have the most recent articles, but rather relevant content to stay sharp as a full stack developer. »

Hacking productivity for software developers

As developers, usually we actually have limited time for coding. As part of the process of building and architecting software, we have to attend meetings, interact with other team members, read and write documentation, reply to emails or slack messages. And, at the end of the day, we still have to ship the code. It comes down to us to manage our time and stay as productive as possible. Productivity is just another way to use your time efficiently for different reasons: »

Send emails with Ember.js + Amazon SES + Firebase

There is a need to build client side only (front end) applications. Tools like Ember CLI, Create react app, Angular 2 CLI make it very easy to bootstrap a JavaScript app in just a few minutes and start building features. The challenge arises when you need to add a piece of server side logic, like sending emails, uploading files, authentication, or storing some data to the database. In most cases, it doesn’t make sense to add a full blown server, which requires to be maintained and setup . »

Uploading files with React.js and Node.js

Uploading files is one of the most common tasks performed by web developers. It’s a pretty simple operation when using PHP or other server side frameworks. However, it is not so straightforward when using Node.js, unless you understand how to user Buffer API for reading streams of binary files (i.e. uploading file content as binary code). Luckily for us, the Node.js community came up with a few solutions. Project set up We are using React. »