React.js route state name

React.js router is at version 2.0 as of now. It’s changing fast. So this may not work few months from now. I had the case where I wanted to create REST URLs but still re-use components where possible. That’s one of the selling points of React as a library. In my case I wanted to re-use form in the “new” and “update” pages. Here is how I got it working:

    <Route component={QuotesSingle} path='/quotes/view/:id' />
    <Route component={QuotesNew} name='edit' path='/quotes/edit/:id' />
    <Route component={QuotesList} path='/quotes/all' />
    <Route component={QuotesNew} name='new' path='/quotes/new' />

You can see I use QuotesNew component for both "edit" and "new" states. Turns out you can pass any properties you want to your routes, including name and then access it in your component like this:

    componentDidMount (state) {
     if ( === 'edit') {

Now I can re-use components and still be able to perform route specific logic and run conditionals based on where a user is in the app.